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talk to your doctor about all your symptoms. get the blood tests. change your number. turn it up. androgel 1.62%. our end point this morning in just about two hours, we'll hear from the folks at sandy hook promise. they say they're committed to keeping what happened here at sandy hook elementary school
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from happening anywhere else again. they've invited folks from other mass shootings to speak. those folks say, listen, we're here to show there is a path ahead, a path that may be just one month in, and the folks here in newtown, connecticut, cannot quite see yet. they're being embraced by people around the country. you want to stay with cnn for complete coverage of the one month anniversary of the school shooting in newtown, connecticut. tonight anderson is going to be live from here with "ac 360" at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. up next, carol costello. >> good morning, soledad. stories we're watching in the newsroom. taking control of the gun industry in a sweetheart deal that may shock you. one outraged law maker explains in an exclusive interview. he says he's still a republican, but colin powell had sharp words about the current state of his political party. >> a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party. >> so what did powell mean by
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that, and what does he think the gop needs to do to be relevant in the future? we'll tell you. riding toward redemption, or hitting a lawsuit pothole. lance armstrong reportedly considers confessing before talking to oprah winfrey. plus this. "the hunger games" was one of the biggest films of the year and also what i call the six weeks it took me to get in this dress. >> ang lee has been nominated for best director for "life of pi," which is what i'm going to call the six weeks after i take this dress off. >> tina fey and amy poehler earning rave reviews, but they're not the only ones making headlines. jodie foster anyone? "newsroom" starts now. good morning. thank you for being with us. i'm carol costello. at this very moment a
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california law maker is unveiling legislation that could chip away at the power of the nation's gun industry. he'll explain in just a moment. first, here's a look at what's in the cross hairs. it's a 2005 law that grants wide legal i community mmunity to gud dealers. no one else in the country enjoys this protection. it shields the industry from lawsuits involving shooting victims, everything from faulty designs to negligent sales practices that put guns in the wrong hands. the nra says it merely guards against frivolous lawsuits aimed at breaking gun makers. he joins us live in this exclusive interview. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> ted kennedy said this law was bought and paid for by the nra. in your mind, what was the intent behind this law? >> the time it was passed, there were a number of suits,
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predominantly by municipalities against the gun industry meant to attack against the sale of saturday night specials. the proponents of the law claimed it was designed to protect them from liability simply by making an inherently dangerous product. it was written much more broadly than that. the effect has been, when gun sellers or gun manufacturers act negligently, they're immune from any kind of liability. so you can have gun dealers turning a blind eye to the sale of hundreds of weapons to straw purchasers, and when those guns are resold or conveyed to people, criminals that use them to kill people, then they can't be held liable. that makes no sense. it's a protection not needed by the good actors and not deserved by the bad actors. >> and just to be more clear about this, no other industry enjoys such protection. if this law applied to car manufacturers, let's say, it would mean, if my brakes failed due to a design flaw, i could not sue the manufacturer. am i getting this right? >> that's exactly right. to look at the analogy for the sellers of automobiles, they
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could be selling automobiles to 12-year-olds or 13-year-olds, and they would have no responsibility to make sure they're selling them to actually people who are legally eligible info to drive them. it doesn't make any sense. one of the most important things we're going to be working on is universal background checks. those background checks are only going to be good as our ability to make sure the people buying the guns are, in fact, the people who are going to own and use the guns. if we allow dealers to sell to these straw purchasers hundreds and hundreds, thousands of weapons that will be turned over and conveyed to others that will never get background checks, it will completely eviscerate that important safeguard. >> the president of the nra, quite frankly, he's not afraid of you or any other lawmakers. he told candy crowley over the weekend congress won't back down a bit on the proposed ban on assault weapons. let's listen. >> when a president takes all the power of his office, if he's willing to expend political capital, you don't want to make
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predictions -- you don't want to bet your house on the outcome, but i would say that the likelihood is they are not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban through this congress. >> as long as lawmakers need money to get re-elected, how can any law maker really take a stand and make it stick? >> we simply have to take a stand, and the nra leadership has never shown any shortage of arrogance, and they're not displaying any humility now, but this is a real tipping point. the country has reached an awful fatigue with these repeated gun tragedies. i think that will be reflected in what congress does. i think it will develop the spine and backbone necessary to pass an assault weapons ban, a ban on ammunition clips, to pass universal background checks, and i hope to remove this immunity that only one industry in america enjoys and that, in fact, protects a lot of unscrupulous gun sellers and dealers. >> congressman adam schiff, thanks so much for being with
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us. it's been one month to the day since the killing rampage at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. as the heart broken town searches for some semblance of normalcy, it should also wrestle with the question, should the school be left standing? about 200 people gathered to debate the future of sandy hook elementary. some want the school torn down. some want it converted to a memorial. and others want it to eventually welcome back children as part of the healing process. >> make it better, make it bigger, make it more beautiful. >> my best memories were at sandy hook school, and i think that children in the future deserve to experience the same beautiful memories that i did. >> whether or not the school stays there, i'm not sure, but somewhere to have a memorial garden for all those angels. >> cnn's soledad o'brien has returned to newtown for today's remembrances. in just a couple of hours, we'll hear from one group that's
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demanding action against gun violence. can you tell us about that? >> it's interesting. a lot of these conversations, like the ones you were just showing last night, are very emotional. yesterday's conversation about what should be done with the elementary school, that was pretty much split right down the middle. 50% roughly said they wanted the school to remain. another 50% said tear it down, destroy it. very emotional. that was the first time there was an official meeting. they'll have another meeting about the same thing come friday. today in just a couple of hours we'll hear from sandy hook promise, a grass roots initiative that's committed to making sure what happened here in newtown, connecticut, doesn't happen anywhere else. they're trying to figure out ways to stop gun violence. they say they're going to try to encourage some kind of common sense solutions to make sure that the community, their community, and the community of the nation as a whole is safer from gun violence. some of the details, of course, we're still waiting to hear. they're going to hold their press conference here at 11:00 this morning, and it's kind of a gloomy dig. i think it matches, actually,
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carol, very well the feeling that we've sensed so far in this town just one month in. still a very rough road for many of the folks. this group, sandy hook promise, has brought in folks who survived past mass shootings, survived past mass tragedies. i think those people, who we spent a lot of time talking to this morning, say their job is to help show the people here that there is a path. maybe one month out they can't quite see a path to recovery, about but that what they're here to do is to show them they have been able to move forward in some way and get some perspective, i guess, to this tragedy. lans armstrong has a chance to come clean when he sits down with oprah winfrey for an interview today. will the disgraced cyclist actually confess to doping and blood transfusions? could be a road to his redemption or an opening to potential lawsuits. here's cnn's ed lavandera. >> reporter: it's a script that
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would make a hollywood writer jealous. cycling athlete gets cancer, nearly dies, but comes back to one the world's most famous race, not once, not twice, but a record breaking seven straight times. by the way, he also starts a cancer foundation which has raised $470 million and has provided inspiration to millions around the world. but a dark cloud hovering over this story never blew past. suspicions that grew into allegations that lance armstrong used performance enhancing drugs to accomplish his incredible feats. the suspicions were confirmed in october when the united states anti-doping agency released thousands of pages of evidence of what it said was a sophisticated doping program. armstrong was stripped of his tour de france titles and banned from all olympic sports for life. onby one, his sponsors have left him too. late last year, armstrong was forced out from live strong, the cancer charity he founded. armstrong has kept a low profile at his austin home since the
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report was released, but a armstro armstrong's repeated denials over the years to protect his name have angered many. >> i've said it for seven years. i've said it for longer than seven years. i have never doped. i can say it again. i've said it for seven years. it doesn't help. >> reporter: former teammates found guilty of doping themselves went on record. >> did you see lance armstrong using other performance enhancing drugs? >> at times, yeah, at different training camps. >> he took what we all took. really no difference between lance armstrong and, say, the majority of the pelleton. >> reporter: repercussions. why is he doing this now? it might give him a shot at resuming his competitive triathlon career, from which he is banned for life. at age 41, he doesn't have much time left to make a clean start in another sport. >> ed lavandera is here. ed, after the usada report came
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out, armstrong tweeted this photo. he's at home in austin, his yellow tour jerseys still hanging up as if to say, you want them, come and get him. could his attitude have changed since october? >> reporter: for a lot of people, that picture speaks volumes. when you look at that, this is just a few weeks after that report had come out. 11 former teammates had basically come out against him. he was still being defiant. i think what has rubbed a lot of people wrong in the 15 years in the cycling community, not only has he denied what he reportedly is about to confess today to oprah winfrey, is that he also went after so many people who questioned him or said that he had doped over the years. the extent to which lance armstrong will confess, if indeed that's what's going to happen today with oprah winfrey, will be watched by millions and millions of people around the world, and especially the cyclists and teammates who were closest to him who he has
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attacked so vehemently over the years will be watched closely as well. >> oprah will interview him today, but the public doesn't see it until thursday? >> thursday is when the interview will air. we'll have to wait a couple of days, or maybe he'll come out and say something in the meantime. the brunt of the interview won't air until thursday. >> ed lavandera reporting for us live this morning. still ahead, girl power. golden girls amy poehler and tina fey taking the reins on hollywood's biggest night, and they're earning rave reviews. they weren't the only ones making headlines.
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15 minutes past the hour. checking our top stories. a digital activist and someone who helped shape the internet. that's how aaron swartz is being remembered after he was found dead of an apparent suicide in his apartment. swartz was just 26. a lot of anger on detroit's south side. thousands lined up outside a center giving away section 8 public housing vouchers. police say several people rushed the door of the center trying to snag a voucher. they were arrested, and the giveaway was cancelled. several roads and schools in southwest tennessee were closed because of flooding. the rushing water has left many damaged and others too dangerous to cross. water levels starting to go down, and the air begins drying out by thursday.
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the corvette gets a brand new look for its 60th birthday. general motors revamped and revealed the new stingray as the most powerful and fuel efficient base model ever made. the last time the stingray name was used was in 1976. my sister had one. it was awesome. the atlanta falcons and the new england patriots have advanced to the nfl's championship round. the falcons blew a 20-point lead to seattle. then they came roaring back to win the game 30-28. the patriots behind tom brady's three touchdown passes handled houston quite easily, 40-28. pats take on baltimore in the afc title game on sunday after atlanta and san francisco battle it out for the nfc crown. to hollywood now. by this time, you probably heard about all the winners and the losers from last night's golden globes. there were a few moments that stood out above the rest. starting with jodie foster, who received the cecil b. demille award for lifetime achievement. >> i can't help but get mooney.
6:18 am
this feels like the end of one era and the beginning of something else. scary and exciting and now what? well, i may never be up on this stage again, on any stage for that matter. change, got to love it. i will continue to tell stories, to move people by being moved, the greatest job in the world. it's just that from now on, i may be holding a different talking stick. >> joining me now from new york is "village voice" entertainment writer michael musto. welcome, michael. >> hi, carol. i'm inebriated from watching that telecast. that was a really fun party. i got a contact high. >> that was the theme for the awards ceremony. >> jodie's speech was sobering. >> it was sobering. i'm going to say it. why didn't she come out come out? why didn't she stand up there and say i'm gay? >> i'm so glad she said that.
6:19 am
i thought she should have said it 20 years ago. it was a defiant coming out speech. i'm out but i'm not out. i've always been out to the people around me, but i never felt i had to come out. why didn't she say, yep, i'm gay. it's weird to draw sexuality as the last line of privacy. she kept emphasizing the importance of privacy. she's out now. let's just throw her a party, i guess. >> some people are saying this just illustrates how difficult it still is to come totally out publicly like jodie foster. she's 50. she's been gay a long time obviously. even ten years ago, that was difficult and could be a career killer. >> well, she didn't say that. if she had been honest and said, well, i did it for my career or maybe because i have shame issues, i might have respected the honesty a little bit more. the reality is now is a landscape where so many people are out, you're kind of being left out if you're still in the closet. it wasn't brave for her to say, oh, i'm with matt boemer and jim
6:20 am
parsons, rachel maddow, all the other gays. i have mixed feelings about the whole speech. i thought it was a weirdly convoluted kind of approach to what could have been an out and proud moment, which could have inspired young people more. by the way, carol, did you notice mel gibson's face while she was saying that. he looked stymied, like she's a lesbian? he was looking for that beaver puppet. she's a lesbian? what's going on here? i hope she's not jewish. >> she's a really good friend for allowing mel gibson to appear with her, frankly. >> she's been a big apologist for not only the celebrity closet but for mel gibson. she sees the good in him. i don't think there's much good there. >> i don't think jodie is going to like your comments. "argo," best drama, director for ben affleck, snubbed by the oscars. "zero dark thirty" winning best
6:21 am
actress for jessica chastain. "game change" earning best tv mini series, best actress in a mini series, best supporting actor for ed harris. and "lincoln," which won best actor. and it was actually introduced by none other than former president bill clinton, who just kind of a weird time in our movie culture right now. >> well, the golden globes are done by the hollywood foreign press, and they love movies about international politics. now, maybe "lincoln" was too american for them. the only award they gave was to the british actor who played abe lincoln. even movies like "salmon fishing in the yemen," which i actually saw, had to do with foreign politics. "les mis"had to do with french politics. bill clinton was a big get, even bigger than jennifer lopez. they didn't want to spring for obama, but they got a pretty good guy. he requires a lot of perks in
6:22 am
the dressing room, i can only imagine. >> michael. >> he's a total professional. he was barely looking at the prompter. he knew his lines. he was much better than the inebriated people, like the guy pretending to be high and said lisa dunham instead of lena dunham. >> the worst was salma hayek, her prompter went down. she and the actor with her, paul rudd, they totally forgot what they were going to do. really? >> i think there may have been a technical glitch. maybe she's trying out to be the new charo or something. i have no idea. i loved tina fey and amy poehler. i thought they were hilarious. i wanted to take them home with me. they punctured through all the solemnity and all the speeches about my wonderful journey, picking out the four losers and saying, aren't they terrific? they went through all the solemnity and attitude with hi lart and mockery. if seth macfarlane is even half as funny as the oscars, they've
6:23 am
got a hit on his hands. >> they're not going home with you, though, they're going home with jodie foster, they said so. michael muss toe. this morning in the east room. one of his -- it's billed as his last one. it's at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. we hope to bring it to you live. that's just in about two hours. residents of newtown are looking for ways to heal, the vast way to honor newtown victims. ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes.
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one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, what's the best way to honor the newtown victims? today newtown is trying to decide what to do with what was once a safe place for children. sandy hook elementary has been cleaned of the carnage, but memories cannot be cleansed. they live on. just ask the famies of the victims in aurora. the movie theater reopens on friday. its owner invited the relatives of the people killed there to watch a film in the very theater where their loved ones died. many were deeply offended. >> as a family member of somebody who has been butchered in that theater, it has been extremely insensitive, and the other family members feel exactly the same way. >> newtown is more complicated. some suggest the school should be torn down or made into a memorial or even kept open as a way to help everyone move on.
6:27 am
>> my best memories were at sandy hook school, and i think that children in the future deserve to experience the same beautiful memories that i did. if we were to knock the school down, we'd be preventing future children from experiencing the same memories. >> maybe it's not about teddy bears or letters of condolence or college scholarship funds, but maybe it's about something more lasting. those close to the sandy hook tragedy say it's about preventing the need for such memorials. >> ban assault weapons, restrict those magazines that have so many bullets in them. >> the hartford current reports that the family of noah posner, a 6-year-old killed at sandy hook, wants the white house to support new federal laws that would hold gun owners accountable. they include requiring anyone aware of a possible attack to notify police within 24 hours and penalize gun owners whose weapons fall into the hands of a dangerous person.
6:28 am
talk back question today. what's the best way to honor the newtown victims? or you can tweet me @carolcnn.
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good morning. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now in the "news room" at 30 minutes past the hour. u.s. stock futures mostly flat ahead of the opening bell. trading could be on the slow side as investors wait for another round of corporate earnings. ringing the opening bell today is michael lessler. he's the president and vice president of the bankcorp. of
6:31 am
new jersey. according to financial times, goldman sachs is considering paying its employees bonuses in the uk after april 6. that would allow the company to take advantage of the top income tax'd dropping from 50% to 45%. it would defer bonuses from 2009 through 2011. apple is slashing component orders for the iphone 5. that's according to "the wall street journal." weaker demand and increasing competition from samsung are blamed. the iphone 5 was released in september. i am still a republican. colin powell declaring his support for his political party but not before warning that some ideas held by his fellow republicans could be hurting the party's future. >> there's also a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party. what do i mean by that? what i mean by that is they still sort of look down on
6:32 am
minorities. how can i evidence that? when i see a former governor say that the president is shucking and jiving. that's a racial era slave term. >> powell is most likely talking about former alaska governor sarah palin who blasted president obama for his handling of the benghazi consulate attack on facebook writing in part, "why the lies? why the cover up? why the dissembling about the cause of the murder of our ambassador? on the anniversary of the worst terror attacks on american soil. we deserve answers to this. president obama's shuck and jive shtick with these benghazi lies must end." joining me now cnn contributor and senior writer for, gra l.z. granderson. and will cain. palin defended the remarks saying there was nothing racist about them. was there?
6:33 am
>> i'm going to go with no, carol. you know this is always my favorite segment. why are republicans racist? are you racist? tell me again what is not racist about conservatism? it's always the burden of proof to prove you're not a racist, which is a near impossible thing to do. i understand you're not asking me about my personal views. you're asking about a party. i don't know, whatever that is, tens of millions of people across this country. are they embodied by a phrase that sarah palin used on facebook? the answer is emphatically no. what's interesting about sarah palin using that one phrase, shuck and jive, and whether or not it's right or wrong, is that colin powell followed that. that conversation about this dark vein of intolerance was after he was talking about chuck hagel. the conversation was about chuck hagel and colin powell's support for chuck hagel, and he's being questioned about chuck hagel talking about the jewish lobby, and colin powell said that's a slip of the tongue, that happens. he meant the israeli lobby.
6:34 am
so he's correct to defend chuck hagel, for a phrase that many saw as anti-semitic and intolerant. and not sarah palin. >> i thought you were going to break out the aggressively gay comment made by chuck hagel. before we get to l.z.'s viewpoint, i want to hear what jay carney said, one of the president's men. listen. >> i'm going to shuck and jive. time to shuck and jive. that's the super secret book. >> so, l.z., jay carney, the white house spokesman, said shuck and jive too. doesn't that muddy the waters a bit? >> no, of course not. it all depends upon who is saying it, what is the phrase is -- who the phrase is directed toward, and what is its intent? in the sarah palin incident, she was blowing a dog whistle. with carney, he was just referring to himself. those are two different things. i want to back up to some of the things that will talked about.
6:35 am
it's not that the republican party is viewed as a bunch of racists as democrats and independents, it's the fact that there is such silence in the face of racism when it rears its head that makes the party look bad. i don't think anyone believes the republican party is completely full of racists, but i do think that we believe that there is a courtship of individuals with racist attitudes, and that courtship is done in order to attract votes. that's the part that makes the party look bad. >> a question i had too. coallin powell is a widely respected man. you don't see many republicans coming out and embracing him as they once did. why is colin powell still a republican? will? >> i don't know that colin powell is a republican. he self-identifies as one, but republican/democrat, that's a team and a label. it's much more interesting to examine people's policies and principles. colin powell, i don't have to go back far. the same interview with david
6:36 am
gregory, i talked about health care for the nation, climate change, redistributive tax policies -- these are things that republicans oppose on principle, and he did that, though, which makes it worse, in a conversation, and there was a subtle link to this issue of race. it makes republicans look like they don't oppose president obama for all these principle or policy reasons that were just brought up, but rather because he's black, and that's what is really, really disturbing and destructive, that we have a serious disagreement with policy and principles, not because of who the president is or what his race is. >> l.z., response? >> you see what i mean, carol? that's a perfect example of what i talked about earlier. there are racist facets of republican party. when you look at comments made by republican john sununu, how could you not see the hint of racism in his voice when he talks about the president? are there disagreement when's it comes to policy?
6:37 am
absolutely. let's remember the republican party actually was the party that gave us the epa. the republican party gave us the president who fought to enslave them. the republican party was the party that had the first president -- or former president speak in support of marriage, of gay marriage, and of gay rights, and i'm speaking of president ford when it comes to that. in other words, the republican party used to be the party of big ideas that believed in freedom and believed in diversity. the question isn't, as colin powell is a republican? the question is what has happened to the republican party? that it's moved away from this wonderful history of moving this country forward, and it's become somewhat of an antiquated viewpoint of what this country should be. that, to me, is the real question about the republican party, not colin powell. >> okay. final word, will. >> it's just not true. look, in 2008, the republicans nominated -- >> not true? >> perhaps the most moderate candidate in modern history at
6:38 am
least with john mccain. and colin powell did not embrace john mccain. the party did not move away from him. he moved away from the party. he chose president obama over the most moderate republican since, i don't know, what, eisenhower? nixon? >> didn't john mccain give us sarah palin? the same person we're just talking about a couple of minutes ago. wasn't john mccain the one whose ticket included an individual who was part of the courtship of those racist voters i was just talking about earlier? so, no, he won't accept that because he saw during the campaign rallies individuals that were holding up signs that said kill then senator obama. why would you embrace someone who doesn't come out against that action? >> quickly on that last note. carol, here's the deal. i am always, and republicans are always forced to defend the worst elements that exist in this country who label themselves under the brand of republican. are there racists within the republican party? yes. are there racists within the
6:39 am
democratic party? emphatically, yes. are there anti-semites within the democratic party? yes. we don't have to sit here on a weekly basis and say why is it that l.z. won't and democrats won't call out and ostracize the worst elements of his party over and over again. we don't play that game, but we play that game with republicans on a consistent basis. >> i could bring up the whole birther movement, right? it took republicans forever -- and i'm not sure that anyone even came out strongly enough against the birther movement, and i could mention a name, donald trump. he's still being interviewed in places. come on. i could bring that up, but i won't. because i have to end this conversation. >> right as we go. it's interesting, right? right as we go. >> l.z. granderson, will cain, thank you very much. the fight is on to keep assault weapons off the shelves of the nation's largest retailer as thousands of people call on walmart to honor a pledge it made almost a decade ago.
6:40 am
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6:42 am
the push for stopping gun violence is coming to the front door of the nation's largest retailer. tomorrow protesters will deliver a petition to walmart, demanding it stop selling semiautomatic weapons. george howell has more. >> reporter: a month after the tragedy in newtown, some gun control activists are turning their focus on the world's largest retailer and a top gun
6:43 am
seller, walmart. the company, which pledged after the brady bill expired in 2004, that it would not sell assault weapons, actually does sell semiautomatic firearms in many of its stores, that many people would describe as assault weapons. on tuesday, the advocacy group, will lead a protest in front of the walmart in newtown to present a petition. a spokeswoman for the group tells cnn, "we want walmart to see that over 250,000 people, its customers and potential customers, want walmart to stop selling assault weapons." walmart has not yet responded to cnn's latest request of an explanation of its policy on gun sales. in a recent interview with cnn's gary tuchman, walmart's vice president david tovar had this to say. >> all of our decisions are based on what our customers want and the law. if the law were to change, we'd follow the law. one of our sayings at walmart is the customer is number one. that's who we focus on.
6:44 am
that's who we listen to. they guide our decisions. >> reporter: while walmart doesn't provide statistics on gun sales, the company said in late december it sells guns in roughly 1,800 stores and sells automatic rifles in 1,200 of those stores. even though no guns in the newtown massacre were bought at walmart, they stopped selling the gun that was used. walmart executives discussed the issue of firearm responsibility internally and with outside experts. >> we have heavy hearts when those types of unfortunate incidents do happen, but we do know we have a very strong program to sell firearms in the most responsible manner as we can. >> reporter: walmart critics say that's not nearly enough. >> george howell joins us now. i think people get confused about what exactly the definition is of an assault weapon. does walmart sell assault
6:45 am
weapons? >> carol, there's definitely a lot of gray there. walmart does not sell assault rifles, but they do sell semiautomatic guns, and there are some people who consider those to be under a class of what's being called assault weapons. so when you hear this group,, they're saying, look, they shouldn't have gun sales in a place where you sell baby food, where you sell diapers. they want that to stop. >> george howell reporting live for us today. thank you so much. general motors and chrysler earning top dog at the detroit auto show. an insider's look at the car and truck of the year. [ male announcer ] what!!??
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our top stories now. debate begins later today in the house on war relief for sandy victims. congress passes a nearly $10 billion aid bill more than a week ago. the house is scheduled to vote tomorrow on two more aid packages totaling $51 billion. president obama will be holding a news conference this morning in the east room. first on his agenda, he's expected to talk about the debt limit, the debt ceiling. that's in just about an hour and a half. when it happens, we'll bring it to you live. the 20 million people of beijing, china, are enduring a fourth day of choking, hazardous air pollution. reports of respiratory problems and mask sales have sky
6:49 am
rocketed. schoolchildren aren't able to play outdoors. many say it's worse than four years ago, while the officials in china claim the air quality has improved. back here at home, water levels of the great lakes are expected to break the all time low sometime in the next few months. lake michigan and lake huron fell to record low levels in december. cargo ships are being forced to lighten their loads, and some harbors have already closed. after three months of gas prices going down, they're now working their way back up. the lundberg survey saw the average price of a gallon of regular is $3.32. that's up more than 6 cents from three weeks earlier. a couple of new american rides can now be called best in show. this morning at the north american international auto show, the cadillac ats was named car of the year. it is the first time cadillac has won this award, and on the heavy duty side, the ram 1500 won the show's truck of the year award. it's given every year by a panel of 50 auto critics. joining me now on the phone is
6:50 am
cnn money's peter valdez de pena. good morning, peter. >> good morning. how are you? >> good. we wish we could be where you are. we're a little surprised that ford was shut out of the awards. did that surprise syou? >> that actually surprised me quite a bit. of all three cars and trucks, i was going to go with the ford fusion and the ford c-max in the truck and suv category. i thought they might have a sweeper. i was a little surprised. not shocked or stunned, but a little bit surprised. >> interesting fact, both winning automakers benefited from the government bailout. what are people saying about that? >> well, a lot of people are saying, good job, well done. these are two companies that really were in trouble a few years ago. gm product quality had been improving for quite some time, even before the bankruptcy, their cars had been getting better and better. a lot of people giving a big
6:51 am
thumbs up to that one. look what can happen. have a little confidence in these companies, and they can do really good things. >> we're looking at pictures of the cadillac right s. i want to touch on the corvette because after 60 years, a new stingray is out and it looks pretty cool. >> that was a really need looking car. >> they brought back the stingray back in 1996.
6:52 am
at the same time it is definitely a corvette. you can tell by looking at it the instant you recognize that shape. but they have changed it up a lot. fuel economy has been a good selling point in the corvette. >> final question, does winning these top honors help auto manufacturers sell these cars? >> you know, that's always a big question. the bottom line is yes, they do. they do help auto dealers. it is no guarantee. we have certain seen cars win these awards in the past and then just fail in the marketplace, just for whatever reason they didn't catch on with customers. it helps, but it's certainly not
6:53 am
enough to do all about itself. >> peter from cnn thank you so much. a talk back question for you, what's the best way to honor the newtown victims. you can face book me at
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
we want to take you to baltimore now, it is the johns hopkins summit on gun control. mayor michael bloomberg is speaking. >> including private sales at gun shows and online. these private sales now account for more than 40% of all gun sales nationally, which means that in 2012 alone, there were more than 6 million gun sales that happened with no background checks. many of those guns, being sold are handguns which are used in about 90% of all firearms murders. and across the united states, more than 80% of gun owners and more than 90% of americans support requiring background checks for all gun sales. so there's really no debate here, it's common sense. we have laws on the books that require background checks when
6:57 am
dealers sell guns, it's time for the president and congress to make that the law of the land for all sales. 40% where the law does not apply means the law is basically a sham. second, congress should make gun trafficking a federal crime n new york city, 85% of the weapons that we recover from crime scenes come from out of state sources but federal laws designed to curtail sales of arms across the borders -- criminals -- we have made new york the safest big si city in the nation by adopting tough gun laws and proactively enforcing them. until congress gets tough on trafficking, guns will continue
6:58 am
flowing to our streets from states with much looser gun laws. the third legislative measure that the white house should support is limiting the valt of military style weapons and high capacity magazines with more than ten rounds, these guns and equipment are not designed for sport or home defense. they are designed to kill large numbers of people quickly, that's the only purpose they have. they belong on the battlefield, in the hands of our brave, professionally trained -- >> we're going to break away from this. we'll continue to monitor mayor bloomberg's remarks in baltimore. we're going to take a quick break and be back with more. that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just me.
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stories we're watching right now in the newsroom. taking aim at the gun industry and a sweet heart deal you may not have heard about after it was passed, but one month to the day after the sandy hook massacre. aaron schwartz didn't stop until he took his own life. the sbher net pioneer apparently found the online world too full of legal pitfalls. controversy bowing for
7:02 am
quinton tarantino. hundreds of hunters have descended on florida everglades and they're looking for pythons. cnn newsroom starts right now. good morning to you. i'm carol costello. this morning late news from the white house, president obama will hold a news conference in just a little more than an hour from now. the white house is informally calling it the last news conference of his first term. and it will cover a whole range of issues, including gun violence and how to prosecond the horror of more bloodshed. he presents those recommendations to the president tomorrow. and in the next hour, we'll hear from the local grass roots group, sandy hook promise. it's unveiling a new initiative and asking families to attend
7:03 am
the news conference in a show of solidarity. and california congressman adam shift unveils legislation that challenges the power of the gun industry. his target? a 2001 law that grants wide legal immunity to gun makers and dealers. >> the effect has been that when gun sellers or gun manufacturers act gently they're immune from any kind of liability so you can have gun dealers turning a blind eye to the sale of hundreds of weapons to purchasers. and when they're conveyed to -- that makes no sense, it's a protection not needed by the good actors and not deserved by the bad actors. >> deborah favric is here now to continue our national conversation on guns. >> there's so much going on and
7:04 am
a number of policy experts have gotten together and they're going over all the issues related to gun violence. you see michael bloomberg speaking there now, he is part of a broad coalition of mayors. he said that perhaps they cannot prevent another sapdy hook, but perhaps they can. and that's what all of this momentum is all about right now. the nra has been instrumental in cutting funding for any sort of scientific research, research that would have ordinarily been done by the cdc and the hhs, the health and human services department. right now they're taking a very close look at it as is joe biden who is expected to come out with some recommendations in the next 24 hours. >> reporter: over 30,000 gun deaths in the u.s. every year, the challenge, gun control. >> i lost my husband right before christmas. >> reporter: if anyone knows the pain of losing someone to gun
7:05 am
violence, it is new york congresswoman carol mccarthy. her husband was dilled in a mass shooting on the long island railroad. after years of trying to pass gun laws on capitol hill--all the time it was difficult because there's so much anger, why are we allowing this to continue to happen. >> on day one of the new congress, mccarthy and other lawmakers introduced or reintroduced -- several senate bills are on the way but all are far from a gun deal. in his first term, president obama passed no laws permitting gun use. even before he's sworn in again, he's expected to review proposals from his new gun task force. >> this is a team that has a
7:06 am
very specific task to pull together real reforms right now. >> the white house is focused on a white ranging plan involving more than just firearms and ammunition, on the table, reinstate the expired ban on assault weapons and limit magazines that have more than ten rounds, close the so-called gun loophole to mandate background checks for all gun beiers. improve school security and review the cultural impact of violent movies and video games. >> the president is going to act, there is executive action that can be taken. >> even the most vocal gun advocates -- walmart the nation's largest firearms seller reversed itself joining other gun retailers in a similar meeting, but tighter gun law
7:07 am
also not come without a fight. after sandy hook, the nra said the answer was more guns not less. >> i call on congress today to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation. >> meaningful gun control will take time for those who have been fighting for decades, they feel the time is finally right. >> what we are heartened by is a general exploration of what are the things we can do of the second amendment and law abiding gun owners to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. >> remember the national rifle association, still a very, very powerful source to be reconed with. >> tied as you said, joe biden is hosting 12 congressmen and
7:08 am
women, they'll be joined by attorney general eric holder, homeland security secretary janet napolitano. >> when a president takes all the power of his office, if he's willing to expend political capital, you don't want to bet your house on the outcome. but i would say that the likelihood is that they are not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban through. >> let's head to washington and the white house. dan lothian is there, so dan, is the nra right? >> well, you know, i'm not going to make any predictions about what congress may or may not do. as we have learned over the last few years, what i can say is that assault weapons ban does appear to be facing an uphill effort up on capitol hill and i think what's interesting is that the president, right after the
7:09 am
mass shooting in connecticut came out and talked about, you know, putting his support behind efforts to reinstate the assault weapons ban and this had been the position of the white house since then but what was interesting last week when the vice president was rolling out what he said what are the top tier recommendations that he had been getting of meeting with several groups he did not mention that at all so there were questions about whether the white house itself may have felt that it was losing steam and there was not support for this on capitol hill. but shortly thereafter, a spokesman for the white house saying the president and the vice president are still committed to this effort to reinstating the ban on assault weapons. so if the white house is pushing for this, certainly they will be be sort of the momentum for it, but it's uncertain at this point that it will get through congress. the president will be having a
7:10 am
press conference later this morning and we expect that some of these will be the questions being asked of him. >> the uphill battle now under way for president obama's nominee for defense secretary, chuck hagel. hagel's comments on israel, one issue, but a former colleague of hagel now says he has another problem, his temperament. >> i think there are a number of staffers who are coming forth now just talking about the way he has dealt with them, i have certainly questions about a lot of things. >> hagel has been given a vote of approval from colin powell, a former secretary of state for secretary george w. bush. there are reports that disgraced cyclist lance armstrong is considering confessing when he sits down with oprah winfrey today.
7:11 am
this is armstrong's first interview since he was stripped of his seven tour de france wins. oprah's interview with lance armstrong will air thursday night on the winfrey network. the flu season means big business for -- take a look at this map of the nation's current flu outbreak. some say the flew is so widespread because so many sick people cannot afford to stay home from work. i can certainly understand that. >> it works out to almost a third of the nation's washingers, they're -- full-time workers too, about 20% of full-time workers they don't get paid six days either, so either way that you slice it means that many people can't afford to stay
7:12 am
home when they're sick probably getting other people sick. the u.s. doesn't have a law mandating paid sick leave like others do, but flu season has a huge effect on the economy. the cdc says the total cost of flu season to the economy is $80 billion, a big chunk of it is medical costs. also there are those indirect costs, lost productivity for the company, lost earnings for the worker, not to mention feeling lousy when you get the flu. >> i'm with you, i'm sorry, i was taking a drink of water, but i was listening intently. >> i'm sure you were. quinton tarantino the outspoken director striking back at critics who say the language was in the n-word. well, you know, people are saying he went too far, he's saying i don't think so. >> what they're actually saying is that i should soften it, they're saying i should lie,
7:13 am
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coming up on 15 minutes past the hour. former egyptian president hosni mubarak will get a new trial. in the killings of peaceful protesters during the arab spring. mubarak will stay in jail while awaits his next court date but that's likely to happen in
7:16 am
april. the president says he has no plans to mint that $1 trillion coin. the administration would mint the coin to avert government default. the corvette gets a new look with an old name for its 60th birthday, general motors revamped and revealed the new stingray as the most fuel efficient base model ever made. quentin tarantino the award winning director, writer and screen producer latest it "django unchained." >> the next nominated film has been talked about for its memorable dialogue, twisty plot, incredible action, can't look away, but can't take your eyes
7:17 am
off of the violence. quintin tarantino, nominated -- i hear you brother -- rock star. nominated for best director and screen play. >> okay, so that was on stage, but the real story. that happened backstage. entertainment correspondent michelle turner is in los angeles. guess who was backstage for those controversial comments, none other than michelle turner. >> always have some scandal for you, carol. >> definitely. now this happened in the press room after writer and director quinton tarantino won for best screen play. the movie has come under -- tarantino was very candid in his response to why he uses profanity so much in that movie. >> if somebody's out there actually saying it when it comes to the word [ bleep ] that the fact that i was using it in the
7:18 am
movie more than it was used back in the antebellum south in mississippi in 1858, then they feel free to make that case. but no one's actually making that case. >> now i'm not sure if you could hear, but there was an audible gas gasp in the press room after that. don cheatolole came backstage a here's the first thing he said to reporters. >> please [ bleep ] the questions. black people questions are already. >> i still kind of get that, what, look on my face, a really awkward couple moments there. i'm not sure if don cheatle was
7:19 am
being serious, if he was taking a shot at condition on the tarantino or if he was just making light of that situation, but so many people in that room were caught off guard and really uncomfortable. with quinton tarantino, he's a smart guy, you have to know what he's -- i think he might have known exactly what he was doing. >> they did say it a lot in civil wartimes, we all know that, we all know our history. in the movie it was said more than 100 times. what was the need for quinton tarantino to say the n-word so loudly and proudly last night? >> a and that's the question that people are asking today, and i know that he was saying as he went on in his remarks was, people want me to whitewash my
7:20 am
characters in my films and i just don't do that. we understand that about you, quint quintin, we understand that you go all out in your movies and that's one of the things that we love about you. >> one of the criticisms, i just spoke with lou gossett, jr., one of the criticisms that he said that people in hollywood say is that quintin tarantino seems to be a little bit too comfortable in these things. maybe we saw that play out that night. >> jamie fox from the stage and quinton tarantino from the stage, i can imagine them around a table really drunk, spewing that word every ten seconds. >> leonardo dicaprio said when they first started this movie he
7:21 am
had a real problem saying the word and they said just get it out. but he did say, i really had a problem with this at first. >> i was taught never to say that word, it was so incredibly offensive, i'm with leonardo dicaprio, i don't think i could say it. burmese bpythons are threatening florida. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies,
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7:24 am
now is your chance to talk about back on one of the biggest stories. how do you honor the newtown victims? >> sandy hook elementary has been cleaned of the carnage, but memories live on. the movie theater in aurora reopened on friday. the owner invited the -- watch a film in the very theater where their loved ones dies. many were deeply offended. >> as a family member of somebody who has been butchered in that theater, it has been
7:25 am
extremely insensitive and the other family members feel exactly the same way. >> newtown is more complicated. some suggest the school should be torn down or made into a memorial or even kept open as a way to help everyone move on. >> my best memories were at sandy hook school and i think that children in the future deserve to experience the same beautiful memories that i did. and if we were to knock the school down, we would be preventing future children from experiencing those statement memories. >> maybe it's not about teddy bears or letters of condolence or college scholarship funds, but maybe develop something more lasting. those close to the sandy hook tragedy say it's about preventing the need for such memorials. >> ban assault weapons, restrict those magazines that have so many bullets in them. >> the hartford courant reports that the family of noah pozner
7:26 am
says they want the white house to enact -- requiring anyone aware of a possible attack to notify police within 24 hours and penalizing gun owners whose weapons fall into the hands of a dangerous person. what's the best way to honor the newtown victims? or tweet me @carolcnn. i'll be right back. because before i went to sleep, i set this. now my iphone knows not to ring, unless its important. 'cause disturbing this would just be .. wrong. your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes.
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7:29 am
i'm carol costello. we're coming up on 30 minutes past the hour. just a programming note for you, president obama is expected to speak from the white house east room in just about 45 minutes. we expect him to talk about the debt ceiling. we're going to bring his comments to you live. it's been one month since the tragic shooting at sandy hook elementary school. politicians at the state and federal level are scrambling to find ways to end gun violence in america. and one of them maryland governor martin o'malley outlined plans for what he says would be the toughest gun laws in the country. >> this would be a comprehensive legislative package to prevent gun violence and it addresses not only the guns but mental health and school safety. briefly, it will ban military assault weapons that have no place on the streets of
7:30 am
baltimore or no other neighborhood in our state and it will limit the size of magazines in order to make it harder for criminals to gun down in succession police officers or school children. >> that might work for a state like maryland, a very blue state, but maybe not so much at a federal level. david keane, the president of the national rifle association, says, yeah, it will be a whole different story in washington. >> the likelihood is they're not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban through this congress. >> maria and alex, welcome to you both. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. >> good morning. so alex, let's start with you, maryland has a good chance of passing the kinds of laws that governor o'malley was illustrating for us a recent poll shows a majority of residents of the state of maryland, 62% favor an assault
7:31 am
weapons ban, but not so much at the federal level. so is that what you see for the future? that individual state also pass gun control laws and the federal government just won't? >> that seems to be the path we're on. and we have seen different levels of effectiveness in states with tough gun laws. connecticut, for example is one of those states where some of these horrific events have occurred. so yes, harry reid, i mean the president's problem with some of the things he's proposing is not just with republicans, but with democrats in his own party including harry reid who is taking a wait and see attitude. because nevada is a hunting state. >> you're absolutely right about that. maria, if individual states pass these gun control laws and other states don't, will it make any difference? >> it will make the state-based
7:32 am
laws a lot less effective. the reason why some of these gun control laws have been ineffective and d.c. is one of those areas where there are strict gun control laws, but our d.c. kids are gunned down every single day and the reason for that, carol, is that there is no federal legislation that covers all states, so what happens, criminals go across the border to virginia where the gun control laws are very, very lax, and that is buy this time is very different. those 20 children that died in newtown, i think really marked an era of real discussion of americans really looking inward to see what can be done, yes it will be difficult, yes, it will be difficult to bring people together but i think that something will happen at the federal level. what that is, i think remains to be seen. >> it could be very little, right tomorrow, vice president biden is going to issue his recommendations to obama. what do you think will be on the
7:33 am
list. >> i think the big issue is you're going to have an assault weapons ban, is he going to have limits on these large clips? you know, we have to remember that washington is all about feel good legislation and getting guys, women and men in this town re-elected. for example, these large clips we're talking about -- how many bullets should a crazy person have when he's going to go out there and kill innocent children? the answer is none. and that's something that the nra and the anti- gun lobby agree on. it's interesting to see where the debate is moving. people have noticed that president obama's children in school, they're protected by 11 armed guards. the president himself is protected by armed men. the congress is protected by arms guards and it's a debate that started with let's just do
7:34 am
something that makes us all kneel good is now moving in a direction. >> it's arm everyone, let's give everyone a gun, why not teach children how to use guns? in one tiny town in ohio, the city council, the town council says we'll allow janitors in schools to carry guns. that's a little loopy, isn't it? >> it is. and of course, a country like switzerland, it's mandatory that everyone have a gun. that's not what's going to happen here, obviously. but the point is there's something in the constitution that says the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infring infringed. so our constitutional protections, they have to be ensured here. there are 13 million guns in america, there are a lot less crazy people that we don't want to let have access to guns, let's focus on something's that
7:35 am
manageable. those people shouldn't have large clips, they couldn't have small clips. most gun crimes are committedabcommit eted by handguns. >> marie, final word. >> it should be post -- the right of people to bear arms should not be infringed. to make sure that our kids are safe in schools is by keeping the high caliber rifles and the high capacity magazine clips away from people who are mentally insane. had a ban on those high capacity clips been in places, newtown would not have happened, at least it would not have happened to the extent of losing 20 of our precious children. there needs to be a middle grounds here, doing nothing is no longer an option. >> alex, thank you both for the conversation this morning. >> thank you so much, carol. >> he changed the internet at
7:36 am
the age of 14, but his passion for the online world might have led to his suicide. we'll look at aaron schwartz's passion for social change. t, t, can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet, or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness
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he has transformed his position for the internet into a lifelong career. he created readit. he found himself in legal trouble and was about to go on trial for trying to make millions of academic documents available to the public. swartz to his own life on friday. the hacker group anonymous claims to have taken over the website for mit to honor swartz. good morning. when i read about this suicide, i was just so shocked about this, were you? >> yeah, look, mr. swartz had struggled with depression, had written about it for quite some time, so in a sense that he took his own life isn't so terribly surprising, there's also word that a possible plea bargain
7:40 am
fell apart this past week, so we see the ingredients of what might have driven to us. just for members of our audience who might not be familiar with swartz, tell me about his brilliance. >> there are a handful of people in the internet community who the internet community knows and no one else does. he was a brilliant hacker and what indeared him most to the community was his incredible sense and sensible about what people should do to -- liberate everyone. so he ran into trouble with the law a couple of times by liberating data and that's where he found himself in his troubled moment on friday. >> and some people suggest that he committed suicide because the state of massachusetts was overzealously prosecuting him? >> well, there are a lot of people that are saying that
7:41 am
quite publicly, quite loudly and very prominently, accountable people that are saying that, we'll sort this out -- is doing a lot of soul searching, they were not i believe an active participant in this prosecution, but we'll see. the tragedy is that i'm sure this had something to do with his unfortunate decision on friday and we're all very upset about it. >> it was sort of, you know, this is really kind of not to be too clear shea, this is one of those good die young stories. this is a guy who stanford was not challenging enough for him, that kind of person. and he committed himself tohis deeds were exactly what his words say, he was committed to
7:42 am
this medium more than anything else and i think took very personally attacks on the medium as he saw them by, you know, people charging for data which we had already paid for, that kind of thing. he created comments which was a way for you and i to share things and still protect the right as the owner of these things. he fought attacks by congress in soapa, they paint a picture of someone whose life was protecting the medium for the benefit of all. >> just 26. john able, of reuters, thank you so much. >> thank you. just about 30 minutes, president obama will hold a news conference in the east room of the white house. first on the ageneral dar jegea. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts.
7:43 am
so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
7:44 am
7:45 am
this is what i looks like in northern indiana. roads are under water. many schools are closed today. just about 30 minutes, president obama will hold a news con frebs in the east room of the white house, and yes, he will open it up to questions from reporters which always means a good time, right? he's going to talk about a -- many questions will be asked about gun control and what joe biden will present to him
7:46 am
tomorrow. . robin roberts says he'll return to "good morning america" sometime next month, she's been off since august as she recovers from treatment from a rare blood disorder. >> after i go through this dry run, my doctor also sit down with me again and we'll evaluate where i am. we're talking now a matter of weeks not months, sometime in february. i have a date in mind that's very personal and very important to me, but i will ultimately listen to what my doctors say. >> we're kmitded to have her back. florida desperately trying to save it's fragile ecosystem from invasive burmese pythons. so state officials have officially launched a hunting contest, not to capture the naks, but to kill them. they're calling it the 2013 p
7:47 am
python challenge. i guess you use guns to kill snakes? >> that's the preferable way, that's what everybody would like to see them do. a capture bolt is one they use. nobody's quite sure how many are out here. there they be up to 100,000 in the everglades, they are nonv n nonvenomous but they are constrict fors. the ones that were caught in the first day of the competition. they have seven of them total. this one is about nine, ten feet
7:48 am
in length. and frank, you know, we were talking, this is not just about catching and killing snakes, is it? >> that's correct. in fact for us. this event is really all about science and we're not only going to take advantage of the python challenge, to ask questions that we have not been able to do before. this is going to give us our largest single one-time sample most snakes over a single area that we have ever been able to collect. and we're going to be able to ask questions about contaminants and can we ---help us address the very important question about what impacts these species have on our native ecosystem. we will not why is. >> you're going to go necropsies right here on site?
7:49 am
>> this is just about the average size 6 to 9 feet is the average size snake that people catch out in the everglades. >> how many years old would this snake be? >> this snake would be two, maybe three years old. >> if you get this is big burmese pythons in the everglades, in a few years, look at the size of these things, it could be 15, 16, 18 feet long. they don't ever think they can eradicate them, but to control the spread. >> i'm just amazed it was so tame, it just kind of sat there. >> it's dead.
7:50 am
there's six more of them wrapped up in the bags. >> thanks amount. john zarrella. >> okay then.
7:51 am
7:52 am
in about 25 minutes, president obama is set to hold a news conference of the east room of the white house, it will be open to questions from reporters. let's head to the white house
7:53 am
now, and correspondent dan lothian, why now? >> well, it's an interesting question. i mean this was kind of a surprise, perhaps the president as you know has said he is not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling, there's been some rumblings on capitol hill about the debt ceiling, saying they're not going to back down on this one, perhaps the president wanted to get out in front of that and as you pointed out, his opening statements will be on the debt ceiling. the vice president is expected to give the president a list of recommendations tomorrow so it will be interesting to see when the president will be acting on those recommendations and also have some questions about what the president plans to do under executive action. we have gotten confirmation over the last few days from the white house that the president would in fact be willing or looking at an option to use executive action to put into his some
7:54 am
measures to remedy government gun violence. these are some of the things we expect the president to do during his news conference. it's now been pushed back 15 minutes to 11:30. just 14th left with a shot at winning the super bowl. the nfl championship game is set. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ make it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit.
7:55 am
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7:57 am
only four teams remain in the hunt for the super bowl. here are the championship rounds for sunday. go to the georgia dome and take on the atlanta falcons. at 6:30 eastern, an afc title match. there was an image following the ravens double overtime victory that's really caught fire. losing quarterback peyton manning waiting in the empty ravens locker room to talk to ray lewis. we don't know what the two legends say to one another, but lewis did talk about reporters, about how he feels about manning. >> there's so much respect that i have for payton, you know, him and his wife was outside waiting on me now because of how great a
7:58 am
friends we became through the years. and to extend it now, you know, to know whenever the road stops, you know, that it won't be the end, it is just a new beginning. but to do it like this, to do it for my teammates, to do it for my children, who are my greatest inspiration and then to do it for my city there,'s no other reason you do it. >> aaron is the nfl analyst. he's so emotional. i hope he makes it through okay. he has one last game. well, maybe more than one. right? >> it could possibly be the last game. i mean the patriots are favorites, heavy favorites. it's kind of surprising as these two teams did meet last year in this game in the afc
7:59 am
championship game and people may forget the ravens played very well. i mean this will be a great game, i think people have kind of anointed the patriots already in the super bowl. i don't think that's the case, thinkity ravens have a really good shot at this. >> i watched that game and it's already a classic. that was one of the best football games i have ever seen in my life. >> when you go to double overlime, you can't ask for more drama that that. >> peyton manning, everything had -- and we hit a road block there in double overtime. peyton manning, i know a lot of people want to defend him and say he doesn't play defense, you know, the defenders let a lot of guys get behind him. he threw the back breaking interception, very reminiscent of brett favre back in 2009, off-season comes, denver got another go ais

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